Red DeliciousRed Delicious

Red striped skin variety with white flesh, firm, juicy and sweet. It is one of the most widely produced varieties round the world

Royal GalaRoyal Gala

Bicolor Apple with red stripes under a yellow background with white flesh. The sweet flavour and crunchy texture are a trade mark of this variety. It can be consumed as a snack or as an ingredient for salads.

The flowers are light pink.

Granny Smith (2)Granny Smith

Green apple with white flesh, tart and juicy. The taste is a very characteristic acid making, easy to recognize.

The flowers are pink and the fruit is generally big.

Pink LadyPink Lady

This variety was developed in Australia in 1979. It has a pink blush over a light green background. Its flesh is dense, crunchy and juicy, and has a sweet-tart, almost effervescent flavour.