Since 1997 the company followed the International IFP (Integrated Fruit Production) protocol certifying by IRAM in December 2003 all the orchards under the EUREPGAP requirements.

In 2006 the Company certified TESCO NATURE’S CHOICE for all the own orchards. The independent grower’s orchards were certified under the EUREPGAP requirements in 2006 and TESCO NATURE’S CHOICE in 2008. Currently, 100% of our production is certified under GlobalG.A.P. and Tesco Nurture (ex Tesco Nature’s Choice)


Since 2005, all our operations of handling and packing are certified under the B.P.M. (Good Manufacturing Practices) quality standards and H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points), and without losing the excellence, in 2011 Kleppe S.A. became the first Fruit Company in Argentina certified under ISO 22.000:2005, a framework of requirements to manage the innocuousness along the supply chain.


All these certifications, together with the good practices, guarantee the innocuousness and quality of the products, thus achieving absolute control throughout every step of the process, from the orchards until the dispatch.