Packing sheds



1 Cipolletti:

In this plant is packed the 60% of the pears production, with a potential of 950 boxes per hour, continuously improving to ensure the quality of the fruit and to optimize the productive performance.


This plant can pack either pears or apples, allowing the fulfillment of our client’s requirements and optimizing timings to ensure the quality of the fruit.


2. General Fernández Oro:

This plant has a state of the art packing line Compac with colour sorting. It was specially designed to pack apples and it has a processing capacity of 750 boxes per hour through electronic sizing.


3. Contralmirante Guerrico:

This plant has three independent packing lines with colour sorting, UNITEC brand.

One of them, with volumetric sizing, ideal for packing large pears (Abate Fetel, Golden Russet Bosc)

The second one has the flexibility to pack either pears or apples and it has a processing capacity of 1,000 boxes per hour.

The third one is exclusively for packing cherries, located at less than 2 km away from the productive unit.

This plant was the main packing house and cold store of Salentein Fruit, acquired by Kleppe S.A. in 2012.