Red ClappsRed Clapps (Starkrimson)

Red pear of a mild flavour. As this variety is one of the earliest to be harvested, it is available at the beginning of the season.

WilliamsWilliams (Bartlett)

This is one of the earliest varieties.

Well known because it turns yellow very quickly and it is very juicy

The shape is characteristic, with a rounded bell-bottom, a definitive shoulder and a smaller neck and stem.

Smooth texture and very aromatic

Red WilliamsRed Williams (Red Bartlett)

This variety is directly related to the Williams pear. Having the same shape, texture and similar taste, it is an elegant reddish type.

Beurre DanjouBeurre D’Anjou

This variety has a smooth taste with firm texture yet it is juicy and sweet. The skin is green, even when ripe, the colour does not indicate the maturity or texture of the fruit.

It is a very good variety to eat fresh or to use for cooking

Red AnjouRed D’Anjou

This pear has all the same characteristics of her sister Beurré D`Anjou except for the colour. It has the same shape, flavour and texture with a red skin giving it a special attractive look.

Abate fAbate Fetel

It is Italy’s favourite pear. It is long with a smooth russet over a yellow background. It has a very sweet and fruity flavour. Its flesh is white and aromatic.

Its name comes from the french monk that firstly produced it in the fifteen century.

To determine whether is ripen, push slightly close to the stem to check if it is loose. Otherwise stow in a paper bag for a couple of days.

PackhamPackham’s Triumph

This pear is generally larger than other varieties. It has green skin and it mantains the colour for a long time.

Great taste and very good to stow and consume.


It is originally from Portugal, with yellow and pale green tones. The brown freckles confirm its identity, as well as its unique flavour and smooth texture. Its flesh is firm, crunchy, juicy and sweet.

Golden Russet BoscGolden Russet Bosc

It is an elegant variety, with such distinctive characteristics making it very different to all other pear varieties.

The skin has a gold brown colour, long shape, with a very sweet taste and smooth flesh.

It does not change its colour when ripe and when cooked does not lose its shape becoming an ideal variety for gourmet dishes.


It is a variety that produces small pears. When it ripens, its skin turns a brilliant yellow and is marked with contrasting reddish freckles. It is very juicy and sweet.